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Letter to Genie's blind mother
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Letter to Genie's Blind mother

Dai, Su mei                                                                                                                                                      Draft#3 

Dear Genie’s mother, 

How are you? I have seen the documentary movie of Genie, which was about your own daughter Genie who cannot speak language normally. Even though you are Genie’s mother, you cannot protect Genie. In this case, there are lots of people who think you are not a good mother, because you never take care of Genie. You even exploited her to apply for the money from the government. But I don’t think so, from your situation, I can understand your feelings and disability because you are blind and you married a schizophrenic husband.

In this world, nothing is perfect. But as long as we live in this world, we have to face any obstacles no matter what happen in our lives. In your bad situation, you are blind, which is a disability. You cannot even take care of yourself. You are scared and alone living in your black world. You are always helpless and hopeless to face your difficult life. In such a bad situation, you really need someone’s love and care. From this point, I understand your difficulty and feelings. But I think you chose the wrong marriage, which made your future get a severe consequence. Why did you marry a schizophrenic man? His mind got severe mental problems and he always abused you. He really could not take care of you and made you feel sick. You were scared of what your husband would do to you any time. But you could not handle anything he did for you, because you cannot see anything. It was too late for you to escape from your husband’s abuse and torture because you were pregnant.

As a result, you could not escape from your husband’s abuse and torture. The severe consequence happened to you. It made you more hopeless and helpless to face your difficult life. Your psychological and spiritual stresses would increase constantly. You were also your husband’s sexually abused target. It was easy for you to get pregnant. You always worried about what type of child you would have, because you and your schizophrenic husband were both disabled people. The disabled people are not suggested for marrying in the society, because their children would be disabled or get mental problems as their disabled parents, and their intelligences would be lower than the normal children’s. If the parents decide to bring their children to this challenging and competing world, their children would not have enough abilities to live in this world. That is true. Will these children be happy to come to this world? Will the normal people laugh at their disabilities and actions? Will they be discriminated by the normal people? In this point, you will more understand the feelings than other people because you are also a disabled person. Of course, you don’t want other people to laugh at your children. But you cannot control their destiny. They would be your burden and stress. But you have brought your children to this world, you have to be responsible for your children, no matter whether your children are disabled or not. This is the parents’ necessary responsibility.

I know you have had four children totally. Your first and second children died unfortunately when they were a few months. Your third and fourth children are still alive now. But the fourth child Genie’s actions are not normal enough and her intelligence is lower. She is a severe disabled girl. From the documentary movie, your disabled daughter Genie looks pretty when she is fifteen years old. But she cannot speak language normally and she acts crazily. As Genie’s mother, you want to protect and take care of Genie, but you really cannot help her to leave her bad situation. Your heart was getting hurt when you know Genie like that.

Genie’s disability is not innate. It was her schizophrenic father who caused her to be disabled since she was born. Although you are Genie’s mother, you could not help your own daughter to escape from your husband’s abuse and torture because your husband also abused you and you were scared of him. You never took care of Genie since she was born. Only your third child fed Genie stealthily. As a result, your schizophrenic husband always-locked Genie in the small room for more than twelve year. Genie was so skinny, only fifty-nine pounds, because she always starved. From such a bad environment, Genie grew abnormally. Genie’s intelligence was lower when Genie was fifteen years old. That’s why she acted. It was also difficult for her eyes to recognize the various colors because she was locked in the dim room all the time.

 In the beginning, you got abused and tortured by your crazy husband for a long time. But eventually you escaped from your husband’s terrible treatment, because he died. Then you tried to apply for the funds from the government for the reason of raising Genie. From this point, I understand your feelings and situations. If you got the funds or not from the government, I think you made a good decision to make a living for yourself and Genie. From now on, there is no a schizophrenic husband to abuse you again, your life will become better than before. But you have to take care of Genie no matter what situations you get. This is parents’ necessary responsibility for their own children.

             In your bad situation and disability, I understand your feelings. If people thought about your bad situation and disability, they would also understand you like I do. From now on, you have to take care of Genie because you are her mother. You will not be abused and scared again because your husband was punished by God and he has already left this world forever. I expect that you will take care of Genie as much as possible. If you also leave Genie alone, you will also get the same punishment as your husband. I hope these bad things will not happen to you. I hope that you and your daughter would live better in the future. Thank you for your time and patience.


                                                                                                   Dai, Su mei

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